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‘Shrek’ – Sweden Part 2!

So it’s all going swimmingly in Sweden at the moment. However, it is -19! so if i had tits, they’d be frozen off by now! This picture is of The Wermland Opera headquarters!, where most of my rehearsals take place. It’s a beautiful place with beautiful people, if a little set in their ways. Some would say primitive, i would say accustomed and tried and tested.

IMG_0460The rehearsals are long and arduous, in as much as the time frame is so long, so subsequently no-one is in a hurry to get anything done ha ha!. A tad frustrating to say the least, but on we go, and we produced such amazing work last year with ‘Crazy For You’ that i have high hopes for ‘Shrek!’

IMG_0446Meet my assistant, Rachel Goodwin. She’s a royal pain in the ass lol, no seriously. I couldn’t do what i do without her though, so i suppose that makes up for all the ball ache she gives me. No, she’s great x. My personal computer, where i keep my data. She’ll be looking after the show once it opens, and staying on as onstage swing to boot, so i have a lot to thank her for! So thank you “slamper” (private joke), well not if you’re Swedish.

Moving swiftly on. This is one of my amateur pictures of our lovely dragon Gloria! She’s so purtdy, and she can shake her bootie too!IMG_0431 To say she’s f***ing heavy is an understatement . You need to go on a diet chile!. I promise to post more pictures and blog more as and when i have time.

Until then, love peace and hair grease! x