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‘Shrek’-Sweden Part 3!


We are on a roll here in Karlstad . However, tomorrow is the first time since I got here on March 4th, that we’ll have had a full cast!! Unheard of I know, that is why I am determined to make this production of Shrek, one of the best ever!

Shrek banner

Shrek banner

Tomorrow we rehearse the bridge, and it is very big. Really big. F***ing big! I’ll post a picture.  Anybody with a little time on their hands and needing a holiday, book a flight to Karlstad and come see! I am sitting on my couch at the moment in Karlstad, blogging and doing prep for the morning. Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared!”, or was that Scar in the Lion King?……. what the hey ;).

Below is David Linqvist who is our Shrek. He is a tour de force, and an Ogre in real life! No fart or burp lessons needed!lol